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Throughout the many years of growing and working together as sisters, we came to discover that our gifts and talents enable us to deliver in a truly dynamic way which gives our clients the attention to detail that is so needed and rare. Over the last six years we have been practicing the ancient techniques of the Art of Feng Shui. Our goal is to help facilitate our clients in getting their lives organized and thriving. We have now expanded our practice and are applying all of our knowledge and experience into the buying and selling of homes in Real Estate.

By working with Team Angelos with Advantage Real Estate, you gain the ADVANTAGE of the many benefits we have to offer. Whether you are looking to get the best deal for the purchase of your new home, or the highest price for the sale of your home, we strive to make that our #1 priority! Through knowing how to apply the energetics and Laws of Feng Shui, we can achieve so many more facets of your Real Estate goals providing you with a more effective result.