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House & Land clearing

Utilizing different space clearing techniques we come together to clear and cleanse your home and or land. We look at what aspects may be affecting your home and the energy from what’s going on with the land (fault lines, underground water, lay lines, etc.) and factors inside the home (EMF’s, stuck energy, furniture placement, what’s going on with people living in the home, etc.) From there we clear and remedy what needs to be and create balance.

This not only clears your home but also cleanses your home and land so it can receive energy that is nourishing, raised, and revitalized creating a peaceful, harmonizing and supportive environment for you and your family to live in.

When do I/should I space clear?
The best times to clear your home are:
– When moving into a new home
– When getting ready to put your home on the market
– The beginning of a new year
– After a negative event has occurred, such as divorce
– After arguing or unpleasant visitors
– If you are experiencing lots of bad luck
– After an illness
– When the energy in your home feels heavy