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Feng Shui services

” Feng” means wind or air and deals with more of the forces unseen. “Shui” means water and encompasses rivers, lakes, mountains and the physical landscape including buildings. Together they carry the energy of life. Feng shui is a practice where chi(energy) is enhanced to improve all areas of your life including prosperity, health, career, family. We work to clear out clutter and negative energy in your home, once cleared we balance your home environment so that it holds optimal support for you and your family to live and thrive.

~ The benefits when you utilize Feng shui for your home to put on it on the market for sale are, it feels more desirable and is more attractive to buyers which brings a quicker sale of your home at a higher price point.

~ The benefits when buying an new home and applying the tools of Feng Shui are, it ensures balance and harmony in your new environment. It also enables full optimization of finances, relationships, and career while also providing support for you and your family’s health and vitality in your new home. We like to compare Feng Shui to acupuncture for your body, it frees up stuck energy allowing energy to flow more freely! The benefits are higher energy levels ,more clarity, and a heightened sense of well being when you spend time in your home.

How often should I Feng shui my home? Because energy is always changing it is important to re-visit Feng Shui of your home at least once a year. Other times when when it would be advisable to utilize Feng Shui for your home is when there has been illness, difficulty, conflict, or a major transition. By tuning into Feng Shui at these times it will ultimately provide lasting change and help to ensure the energy of your home stays high and at a good vibration, one that is continually supportive for you and your famil